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Susek Evangelistic Association exists to help strengthen your faith, your church, your ministry and reach the lost for Christ.

Pray for Africa – See our video at the bottom of this page.

Welcome to the SEA Ministries Website. 

I hope that you’ll join my Circle of Friends and tap into all of the free materials that are available to you.  

You only need to share your name and e-mail address. It will be held in confidence and used only by our ministry to send you my weekly spiritual motivational message called FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey.

Two more circles await you provided this first circle meets your needs and you wish to advance. They are called the Inner Circle of Friends and the Presidential Circle of Friends. But let’s get started on this basic Circle of Friends.

Here is why I’m excited to have you as part of my Circle of Friends. God has pressed upon me to give away as many of our materials away as possible. I was overjoyed at the thought until my practical side kicked in with the question, How will I pay for this? Then, I felt assured from the Lord that as people are helped and blessed He will raise up those who will desire to help us continue our ministry.

One of the many reasons why I believe God is directing us to give what God has given to us is that millions throughout the world cannot afford to buy a book. I feel strongly that we must not let money be a barrier for anyone.

So, without obligation, please join our Circle of Friends and let's get started. I feel certain that you will find many resources that will enhance your life. Remember, whatever you can download is free.

Immanuel: God is with you!
Your friend,


Ron Susek




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3/8/2015    Ron - Sunbury, PA
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3/9/2015    Terry - Cape Haitien, Haiti
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3/29/2015    Diane - Tampa, FL
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4/3/2015    Good Friday Breakfast
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4/11/2015    Diane - Hanover, PA
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4/13/2015    Ron and Diane's Wedding Anniversary
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6/1/2015    Ron - Whiting, NJ
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