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Susek Evangelistic Association exists to help strengthen your faith, your church, your ministry and reach the lost for Christ.

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by Hope Herbert Nkhoma, MALAWI
     Nearly 200 delegates wrapped up a week-long Great Commission Summit at Mitundu in Lilongwe, Malawi on Friday the 6th of November 2015.  The conference brought together delegates from different denominations to inaugurate formal efforts to bring back the church to the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It was pleasing to note that delegates came from even far distances to attend the summit.  There is that huge hunger for more and Malawi is ripe for the pure and simple Gospel.
     The people were deeply moved by the sessions conducted by Dr. Ron andBishop Ndlovu.  Their response was immediate and positive.  Participants were excited and the enthusiasm grew.  Before us lay the greatest challenge ever given to man by the greatest person who has ever lived.  No matter how wealthy, famous, brilliant or powerful one may be, will never give oneself to any cause that can compare with this life-changing, even world-changing call of God.  Nothing can compare with this command of our Lord Jesus to help take His message of love and forgiveness to every person in the community, in every city, in every country of the world and make disciples of all nations.
     What an hour for Christians to become involved in the greatest spiritual harvest since Pentecost!  This is the hour for which we were born to set in motion a mighty, sweeping spiritual revolution that will turn the tide and reveal to mankind that the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ offers the basic solutions to life's puzzles.
     The following subjects came as matters arising, hermeneutics, eschatology, cross-cultural communication, missions and prayer.
     What words can I say to Ron and Danisa?  I admire you greatly.  In the period of time I had the opportunity to experience you it was easy to see that you are truly amazing people.  In a world filled with selfishness and hostility you stood out like a beacon.  A beacon of life, laughter, love, compassion and understanding.  You are phenomenal champions.  A stand alone, one of a kind, salt of the earth, truly amazing champions.
     It is my belief that after listening to the speakers, that the purpose of the summit was to awaken Christians for the huge task of presenting the pure and simple Gospel to every creature.  I am glad that a great movement has been launched.  Indeed this week has witnessed the birth of a mighty movement that will champion the pure and simple Gospel.



Ron’s first Great Commission Summit in Africa



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