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Susek Evangelistic Association exists to help strengthen your faith, your church, your ministry and reach the lost for Christ.



Feel youth power…Young people ranging in age from sixteen to thirty, representing seven denominations, gathered for our first ever Great Commission Youth Summit, Youth Power Committed to the Cross!

This proved to be a tremendous answer to your prayers.  We couldn’t have asked for a better selection of young people for our first Youth Summit.  They will be the kind of leaders that will help us develop future Summits that will grow exponentially.  They appeared cautious during the first meeting, not knowing what to expect.  When they discovered our vision and mission, all based squarely upon the Word of God, laughter and strong communication emerged.

I know you will be thrilled and encouraged as I was to hear these young people lifting their voices in praise to the Lord.  Following is a video of some of the youth singing in their language and even though you won’t understand their words, their music and enthusiasm will warm your heart.



Click here to listen to the Choir at the Youth Summit

Click on picture to listen to the Youth Summit Choir and to hear the rest of the story.




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