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Ron Susek is an ordained minister, evangelist and radio Bible teacher. Ron’s wife Diane Susek, a graduate of Peabody Conservatory of Music, has recorded eleven albums and has received the Best Album of the Year from the National Evangelical Film Foundation.

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Immanuel: God is with you!

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Discovering the REAL YOU

Finding God's Gift of well-being. God is in the business of character building, not quick-fix solutions to our problems. If we evolved from animals, we must look down to the animals to understand our behavior. However, when we turn to the Bible, we discover that is not the picture at all. Rather, we fell from God and the only way we can understand ourselves is to look up to God and see how far we have fallen. The harder you try to feel good about yourself, the more you are focused on self.

Ron's Reflections


4/19/2018 5:36:00 AM BY Ron Susek

       You can know God in a deep, personal way.  Discover how by reading today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey.


God is Knowable
by Ron Susek
@ Golden Quill Publications

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. 
(Hebrews 13:8)

       To walk in agreement with anyone, you must know one another.  If they have attitudes, beliefs and practices foreign to you, then you will not walk far together.
       Likewise, to walk with God requires learning more and more about Him.  That comes by investing large amounts of time in the Scriptures - the book of divine revelation.  The purpose goes beyond learning about God to knowing God.
       The author of Hebrews bore a difficult responsibility.  When people's emotions are on edge and inflamed, one wrong word can erupt the situation into a firestorm.  The very effort to help can blow up in your face.

       The Hebrew Christians were emotionally spent.  For a number of decades since the resurrection, they had been persecuted, robbed and rejected.  Many experienced the emptiness of dejection - resulting in the sense that their faith was not worth the price.

The author of Hebrews neither greets them nor gives his name.  His first three verses launch some of the most head-spinning thoughts ever penned.  He wrote:
       Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world.  He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature. . ..
      The unspoken challenge to these defeated, disbelieving, disruptive and disbanding believers was this:  How can you walk out on what God revealed in these verses!  Look at the God from whom you are departing.  Perhaps the unspoken question behind these words is Are you crazy?  
       The writer is not being harsh or brutal, but rather realistic.  God has done all in His power for you to know Him.  He revealed Himself at different times and ways, but always emerged as the same trustworthy God.  The finality of revelation came when His Son appeared so that you can see exactly what He is like.  God hates sin but loves sinners. He is impatient with those who lack faith but affirming to those who stand steadfast in faith. He disregards empty ritual and loves an undivided heart of love.

       God revealed aspects of His heart through the prophets with names that described His character.  God revealed His love by stating His life-giving laws, which guide our relationships.  God revealed His expectations of mankind by His judgments.

       Then, He sent His Son so that you can hear His words and see His actions in real-life situations.  Jesus reflected the depth of His Father's love for you when He stretched out His arms on the cross to end His life on earth so that your eternal life can begin.

       Indeed, God has gone to extreme measures so that you can know Him. 

Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you!

Your friend,



4/12/2018 3:51:00 PM BY Ron Susek

       Did it ever cross your mind that how you interpret God becomes a revelation of yourself?  Read today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey


Interpreting God 
by Ron Susek
@Golden Quill Publications
Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up.  
(Matthew 15:13)

       The sun is changeless.  It is what you do with it that determines how it affects you.  The same sun that energizes gardens to yield life-giving nutrients and invigorates the body with vitamin "D" can also give you melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer.  The difference does not lie with the sun, but rather with how you interpret it - wisely or foolishly.

       If you interpret the sun as a giver of nutrition you are wise.  If you interpret its primary purpose as a  giver of a golden tan you are foolish.  Your interpretation of the sun's purpose will be seen in your actions.

       God is changeless, as is His Son, Jesus (Hebrews 13:8).  How you interpret God becomes a self-revelation.

  • If you are in agreement with God, as He has revealed Himself in His Word, then you will treat Him with worship, honor and respect.
  • If you are arrogant and think you know better how to rule your life, then you will treat Him with a condescending disposition.
  • If you feel cheated in life, you will treat Him with contempt.
  • If you are angry and bitter, you will treat Him with cruelty.

       Jesus revealed how the Pharisees said one thing but believed another.  "This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men" (Matthew 15:8-9). 

       Psychoanalysts call this cognitive dissonance.  Much disorder between the heart and the mouth occurs in religious circles.  These Pharisees feigned worship while despising God.  How did Jesus know this?  Because their lips betrayed their hearts.

       This happened when they ignored God's truth to espouse the doctrines of men (Matthew 15:9).  Thus, Jesus said, "But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.  For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander" (Matthew 15:18-19).

       So, what do your lips reveal about your true thoughts of God?  Do you ask honest questions about God?  Then you will find true answers.  Are they satirical?  Then your answers will be skewed by your interpretation.  Never forget that how you interpret God reveals much about you - about the state of your heart.

       Jesus said, Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up.  At some point your lips will reveal how you are interpreting God in your heart.  When God visits the garden of your heart, will He leave it torn up by removing bad roots, or enjoy its peace and beauty?  May His Spirit find your heart a place of solace, as your interpretation of the changeless God is in harmony with heaven's revelation. 

Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you!

Your friend,



4/5/2018 9:30:00 AM BY Ron Susek

       Do you curse or embrace the dark times of life?  Think about this as you read today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey.


Death and Resurrection
by Ron Susek
@ Golden Quill Publications

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies . . .  
(John 12:24)

       Nothing, including our eternal life, could come to pass without Jesus' death and resurrection.  Through that process, Jesus' work on earth will stand for eternity.  Likewise, only the accomplishments in your life that pass through death and resurrection will last forever.
       Ponder this: A seed will remain a seed, nothing more, so long as its outer shell remains crusty and hard.  Locked within the encasement of a seed are possibilities of life, beauty and purpose.  To remain a seed is like a great artist who never picks up a brush - missing one's purpose, alone and undiscovered.

        Life is released by death.  Only when a seed is thrown into the darkness of moist soil and dies will the miracle of germination occur.  Upon its death comes the fruit of life:  Golden wheat swaying in the summer breeze, colorful flowers spreading beauty and fragrance and vegetables unleashing nutritious strength.
       These are the images Jesus alluded to when He said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit (John 12:24). 

        It is hard to cling to this truth when you are being sown into a dark situation. You feel something dying inside and you fear you may never be the same.  Well, something IS dying and you will NOT be the same.  God is bringing a deeper attachment to this world into death so that you can more fully walk in resurrection life.

       Only this new life can produce rivers of living water and eternal fruit.  It is hard to see where our old nature was blocking the flow and spoiling the fruit.

       Here is the choice you face.  You can insist on staying in the shell of the grain, thereby remaining in a worsening darkness, or you can invite God to complete the process.  The first choice leads to backsliding and the second to advancement.

       If a seed were simply to remain a seed, it would produce nothing. God does not lead you into such deaths to forget you, but to bring you forth in the resurrection of eternal productivity.  It is possible to refuse this work, however, and remain buried in that area God seeks to transform.

       Keep in mind that a seed can only produce the magnificence of life above the ground after it dies beneath the ground.  let the part of your life that God has planted die.  Then the Holy Spirit will germinate and grow that which you could not do on your own.  Then you will find yourself more and more like what God desired for our first parents - Adam and Eve - fulfilling the purpose of God in the heat of the day and fellowshipping with Him in the cool of the day.

       Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you!

Your friend,