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Susek Evangelistic Association exists to help strengthen your faith, your church, your ministry and reach the lost for Christ.

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Pray for Africa – See our videos at the bottom of this page.


Pray for the four SUMMITS scheduled for November.

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice.  Rejoice with me. God has presented SEA with more opportunities than we have faced since the beginning of our ministry.  Along with opportunity comes responsibility and we face the largest challenge in the history of our ministry as well.  I will be in Africa and the United Kingdom conducting four GREAT COMMISSION SUMMITS from late October to the end of November.  Over 1,000 pastors and church leaders are scheduled to attend to be trained in carrying out the Great Commission.  While I’m out of the country, we must raise $150,000 in addition to our normal income to underwrite the cost of Summits coming up in the spring 2016.

God is challenging and inspiring leaders during our Summits to become foot soldiers to reach their world with the Pure and Simple Gospel.  One of the outstanding men is Gideon of Kenya whom I’ve written about in previous publications.  He is faithfully spending four days every week walking many miles in the blistering sun to win souls to Christ.  He is only one of many that have accepted the challenge and are eagerly answering the call.  Will you help me to meet the God-sized challenge He has presented? I can’t do it without you.

Please ask God what He would have you do to help meet our GOAL of $150,000 by yearend.

Your gift is directly equipping hundreds upon hundreds of workers who are obeying the call of God by going into fields that Jesus said are white unto harvest. We already have over 1,000 leaders trained and taking the Gospel to the fields of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Kenya.    

Join Ron and the SEA Family as we pray for the 4 Summits that are comming in November                                            



Ron’s First Great Commission Summit in Africa



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