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Immanuel: God is with you!

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Discovering the REAL YOU

Finding God's Gift of well-being. God is in the business of character building, not quick-fix solutions to our problems. If we evolved from animals, we must look down to the animals to understand our behavior. However, when we turn to the Bible, we discover that is not the picture at all. Rather, we fell from God and the only way we can understand ourselves is to look up to God and see how far we have fallen. The harder you try to feel good about yourself, the more you are focused on self.

Ron's Reflections


3/21/2019 9:40:00 AM BY Ron Susek

        An Assyrian Patriarch reveals a level of faith that poses a great challenge to us today.  Read about it in today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey. 

The Faith of An Assyrian Patriarch
by Ron Susek

I have been crucified with Christ.  It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.  And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 
(Galatians 2:20)  

        1915.  It was one of the darkest hours in Assyrian history.  About two thirds of their nation had been massacred during the horrors of WWI, primarily in 1915.  Tens of thousands of bodies had been stacked on piles as refuse to be dumped into unmarked graves.  The enemy's true purpose was to erase Christianity from the Middle East.

March 3, 1918.  The Assyrian heartache was increased.  A devious Kurdish warrior named Simko had invited the 31-year-old Patriarch, Mar Shimun XIX Benyamin to the town of Kuhnashahir, in the district of Salamat, to discuss an alliance between Assyrians and Kurds, who were and are predominantly Muslim.  An Assyrian council had advised the Patriarch to take the offer and make an alliance, saying, "We can keep ourselves safe against the attacks of the Iranian Government and that of Turkey," or so they thought.  So, the young Patriarch made his way in a horse-drawn coach with an armed escort.   
       Simko greeted the Patriarch with flowery words of praise and invited him into his house to eat and talk.  The discussions seemed favorable.  At the end, Simko continued showering Mar Benyamin with compliments while escorting him to his coach, then faded into the background.  Suddenly, Simko's armed forces opened fire, massacring the Patriarch and forty-eight of his guards. Two eye witnesses escaped to tell the story.  This villainous act enlarged the gaping wound already existing in the Assyrian spirit.

        Mar Poolos (Paulos) Simon (brother of Mar Benyamin, the murdered Patriarch) was appointed as the new Patriarch.  Now, Patriarch Mar Poolos Simon found himself standing before a crowd of betrayed and broken Assyrians in a refugee camp.  Here is a brief excerpt lifted from his message:
           We are compelled to defend ourselves, as I have said before, and to preserve our national existence.  This task may demand great hardships yet, and great sacrifices.  Perhaps we have not given enough blood yet, nor has our capacity for suffering and sacrifice been filled to its full measure.  But in all circumstances, we must keep in our mind the fact that all true greatness is in one's kindly feeling toward his enemies.

        These poignant words reveal a Patriarch who understood co-crucifixion with Christ.  As Jesus died FOR our sins, we are to die TO our sins.  One evidence of this is his call to the nation to avoid a vengeful heart, accept the suffering God has permitted and await His great redemption.  
        There are few demonstrations of Paul's words, I have been crucified with Christ. What an incredible challenge this is to you and me today as we approach Good Friday.  
Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you.
Your friend,
P.S. This story will be found in full in my new book The Assyrian Prophecy to be released in the soon coming months. 



3/14/2019 10:48:00 AM BY Ron Susek

        There is a surprising and verifiable fact about President Donald Trump that you will want to read in today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey.


President Trump’s True History
by Ron Susek 
@Golden Quill Publications

. . . making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. 
(Ephesians 1:9-10)  
        1949.  The Island of Lewis in the Hebrides (off the coast of Scotland) was struck by a revival that shook the islanders at the time, and in varying ways continues to impact the world to this day.

        It began in the late 1940s on the small Scottish island of Lewis in the village of Barvas.  Two Smith sisters, Peggy who was blind and Christine who was arthritic, began to pray.  Peggy received a revelation that revival was coming.  Some Christian leaders met in a barn to pray, not for others, but for their own cleansing.  
        Soon revival broke.  A fifteen-year-old boy name Donald Smith proved to be a great prayer warrior who kept his heart close to God. He became involved in this famous Hebrides Revival which lasted three years.  
       Years earlier, Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, niece of the two elderly women and a cousin of Donald Smith emigrated to America and met a young man named Frederick.  They fell in love and married in January of 1936 and had five children: Mary Anne (Barry), Frederick Jr., Elizabeth (Grau), Donald and Robert.

        The one elderly sister who had prayed for revival sent her Bible to America as a gift to Mary Anne, who subsequently gave it to her son, Donald.  Today, this Bible lies in her son's office - the Oval Office - at the White House and it was one of the Bibles upon which he placed his hand to take the oath of office.  Yes, President Donald Trump's roots reach back to one of the greatest revivals in history.   
        No true believer has the right to withhold prayer for President Trump because of disagreement.  No flawless wonder has ever headed any nation.  Still, the Bible commands that we pray for those in authority (2 Timothy 2:2).

        Remember God's promise: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14). 
        Do not withhold heartfelt prayer for this President by comparing him to Jesus.  We all fail that test.  Begin praying for an awakening to sweep from the Oval Office to every corner of the land.  "Therefore, confess yours sins one to another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working" (James 5:16).  Never more than today has America needed the voices of the righteous to ascend before God's throne.

Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you.
Your friend,




3/7/2019 10:39:00 AM BY Ron Susek

         Have you considered the price of being greatly used by God?  There may be some heart-searching insights in today's edition of FaithWalk: Courage for the Journey. 


Don’t Touch the Ark
by Ron Susek 
@Golden Quill Publications

Uzzah put out his hand to the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen stumbled. 
(2 Samuel 6:67)  

         King David led Israel to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines.  In the Ark were the Ten Commandments and a bowl filled with manna - reminders of God's laws and His faithfulness to deliver. 
        There was great joy until the oxen stumbled and the Ark began to sway.  Uzzah's name means strength, which may explain why he employed his natural strength to steady the Ark. This act of touching the Ark, however, led to his death.  

         There may be another reason that led to the forbidden act of touching the Ark.  It had resided in Uzza's father's home for some 20 years before being moved.  It is said that familiarity breeds contempt, and he may have become overly familiar with the holy, thus losing his reverential fear and worship of God.  Whatever the motive, it led to his peril. 

         Israel was engaged in the great work of honoring the Ark of God's Covenant by restoring it to its proper resting place.  How sad that their rejoicing was interrupted by Uzzah's fatal act. 
        It can sound noble to pray, "O, God, use me in a mighty way."  Wise people, however, who have had God call them to a great responsibility pled with God to enable them by changing them.  Isaiah, for instance, pled to be cleansed of unclean lips.
        The rule to remember is this:  When God begins a great work through you, don't touch the Ark.  Your strength cannot steady it.  You cannot instruct it.  All you will gain will be a shameful end.
        Every work of God has times when the oxen stumble, and it appears that it will crash to the ground.  This is when you must fight the instinct to steady it by your own strength.  We all tend to plot clever solutions rather than pray until God moves in His wisdom, time and power.  In the end this reveals our impertinence, even unbelief.

        Always remember, a work of God is just that . . . a work of God!  What God initiates He completes, no matter how badly circumstances may cause it to wobble.  Yes, do pray to be mightily used of God, but do not touch the Ark.        
Always remember, Immanuel: God is with you.
Your friend,